Minecraft it is the game... T. played minecraft once upon a time in creative mode Now he plays in survival mode...

T. said: „you know.. yesterday my house burned down, only two chairs left on porch but nice one”

I showed T. places of my childhood, where I played in survival mode in stalking, dodge ball, jump, rope game and table football but maybe it was creative mode?

likewise two chairs left there likewise nice

(..) Minecraft by Konstancja Nowina Konopka is a visual story about the meeting of two teenage lives. One exists in memories, the other is happening now, though largely in the virtual world. What we observe is how differently both teenagers enter the adult world and how different their game is (..)

Minecraft is a series of visuals telling a story about a teenager enter his mother’s adolescent world. No sentiments. Here he is and plays his own game in a given reality (..)

Joanna Kinowska